Virtuous Financial Group, LLC.

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Fee Types : Percentage of Assets under Management, Hourly and Fixed Fees.

FINANCIAL ADVISORY - Assets under Management (AUM)

$100,000+ 1.00%


$100 per hour *minimum may apply


SILVER $1200
GOLD $2400

Other Fees

Transaction fee - Custodians may charge transaction fees on purchases or sales of certain mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. These transaction charges are usually small and incidental to the purchase or sale of a security. The selection of the security is more important than the nominal fee that the custodian charges to buy or sell the security.

Expense Ratios - Mutual funds generally charge a management fee for their services as investment managers. The management fee is called an expense ratio. For example, an expense ratio of 0.50 means that the mutual fund company charges 0.50% for their services. Performance figures quoted by mutual fund companies in various publicationsare after their fees have been deducted.

These OTHER fees are in addition to the fees paid by you to VIRTUOUS FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC.